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This is a list of Changelogs for

v0.5.0 (11/12/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added several new Skins
  • Buffed Siege Ram

v0.4.9 (9/12/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added more Skins
  • Slightly increased siege ram speed
  • Increased Siege ram HP

v0.4.8 (8/12/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed placement bug for outer towers
  • Increased Factory and Barracks Health
  • Added siege Factory Upgrade to Barracks
  • Added Siege Tank unit: Very Strong but low HP
  • Increased starting points to 1000
  • Increased max points to 6000

v0.4.7 (6/12/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added more Skins
  • Walls can be placed anywhere in your area now
  • Increased Tank Space to 15
  • Buffed gatlin range again
  • Added Micro Generator Wall Upgrade back

v0.4.6 (5/12/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Skins: (More coming soon. Please request them on Reddit or twitter) (Brazil isn't easy to do)
  • If your name is unknown is no longer shows up in game
  • Buffed anti tank reload time
  • Nerfed Tank Speed
  • Added more featured youtubers
  • Removed donation button
  • Removed more games link (moving this to another section)

v0.4.5 (4/12/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added more featured youtubers
  • Buffed Anti-Tank range
  • Spawn protection is now infinite but you can't score whilst spawn protected
  • Fixed but where you get negative points
  • Optimized CPU for collision logic

v0.4.4 (1/12/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Optimized server CPU
  • Reduced bandwidth
  • Fixed issue where all units you've ever seen send data to you
  • Buffed gatlin gun range
  • Buffed basic wall HP
  • Fixed positioning issues of ranged units

v0.4.3 (30/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Commander no longer spawns at start (Must be bought)
  • Bug Fixes

v0.4.2 (29/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed memory issue on Server
  • Removed some logging from server
  • Fixed server quad tree issue (i'm an idiot...)

v0.4.1 (29/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Collision Issues

v0.40 (29/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Extended Spawn protection to 6 minutes
  • Added Quad Trees to Optimize Collisions
  • Buffed "Great Leadership" to give 10 population
  • House now provides 3 extra population
  • Tanks now take up 10 Slots
  • Soldiers now take up 2 slots
  • Removed speed randomization amongst units

v0.39 (28/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added 1 Upgrade to Commander: (More coming soon)
  • Added more advanced targeting for ranged units (right click on target you want to shoot)
  • Improved general Targeting logic
  • Improved Unit Position prediction
  • Increased Starting points
  • Decreased spawn protection a bit
  • Increased Tank Space
  • Server CPU Optimization

v0.38 (28/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Resized Spikes to prevent space issues
  • Added Subscribe button for featured channel
  • Added Google Site Index
  • Added donate button
  • Adjusted meta Tags

v0.37 (27/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Scoring when killing a player (Again)
  • You now get 50% of a players score when damaging them
  • Fixed interpolation issues
  • Tanks only take up 6 spaces now
  • You can now buy back your commander from your main base

v0.36 (26/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Unit Interpolation
  • Optimized Server CPU some more
  • Fixed cloaking issues
  • Fixed camera issues after pressing any button

v0.35 (26/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Killing a Player now awards you 20% of their total score
  • Fixed Score formatting
  • You can now click on any base to see some info
  • Increased Tank Space to 10
  • Fixed some server issues
  • Cloaked units now regen cloak when entering your base
  • Added basic chat spam filter
  • Extended Base spacing some more

v0.34 (26/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • CPU Optimizations on server
  • Player Base size no longer has a minimum
  • Fixed Kick timer on chat
  • Cloaked Units now use the background color
  • Unit Limits now work across all units (Soldiers & Tanks share the same cap)
  • Fixed Camera issues while building
  • Increased Spacing between bases
  • Added trees that you can hide your units in

v0.33 (25/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Increased Spawn Protection
  • Added Spotter Turret upgrade to Ranged turret
  • Fixed Unit Selection issue with over 100 Units
  • Changed the way Power Armor looks
  • When your armory is destroyed or sold you now lose all upgrades you bought from it
  • Added Hotkey Selection Back 1-7
  • Raised Point Limit to 5000
  • Added cloak upgrade to armory (cloak is lifted when a unit takes damage)
  • Added a basic Chat (Hide & Show with T key or by pressing the chatbox)

v0.32 (24/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Bug Fixes

v0.31 (24/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Removed Build Limits on several Towers
  • Reduced Build Size a Little
  • You can now click on your main base
  • Bug Fixes on Server Side

v0.30 (24/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Server Lag issues
  • Spawn Protection is now only disabled when your units leave the base
  • Added Multiple Regions

v0.29 (23/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Commander Unit
  • Fixed single unit targeting (Now goes directly to mouse)
  • Units will now move to a center point when attacking
  • Increased soldier speed
  • Fixed Scrolling Issues
  • Added Tank Cannon Upgrade to Armory
  • You can now right click whilst selecting barracks to set a target point for new units

v0.28 (23/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Buffed Turrets
  • Increased Spawn Protection Radius
  • Increased Base HP

v0.27 (22/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Featured Youtuber to menu
  • Cleaned up Menu CSS a bit
  • Pressing Q now selects all of your units
  • Fixed some server issues

v0.26 (22/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Armory which allows unit upgrades (More coming soon)
  • Added hover info on upgrades
  • Reduced Initial Load Size of unit information
  • Bug Fixes
  • Reduced Generator Cost to 50
  • Added some new Colors

v0.25 (22/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed bug where units dont damage players
  • Fixed bug where turrets dont shoot units
  • Optimized Targeting and Collisions
  • Increased Spike Cost
  • Reduced Gatlin Turret Range
  • Increased distance between players

v0.24 (22/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Max Power
  • Added Unit Collisions
  • Added Houses (Increases the number of soldiers you can have)

v0.23 (21/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Extended Spawn Protection
  • Soldiers are now controllable even when they enter the enemy base
  • Units will now only go into formation when not attacking anything
  • Added some variation to unit speed to make it look more like a swarm
  • You can now also hide units inside your own base
  • You can no longer open multiple tabs
  • Optimized server CPU usage to reduce cost

v0.22 (21/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Renamed points to power
  • Generators now generate more power
  • Added Multi selector tool (Drag mouse to use)
  • Disabled Base Selection
  • Multi-Selector tool reduces range circle radius for better visibility
  • You can now sell multiple units or towers
  • Fixed Bug when Upgrades would push a tower outside of build range
  • You can now select units by dragging your mouse. You can then move them by right clicking anywhere on the map
  • Disabled Soldier to Soldier Collisions for now (I need to optimize this)
  • Fixed Bug where turrets wouldnt shoot nearby enemies
  • Slightly increased distance between players

v0.21 (20/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Extended Spawn protection
  • Added Gatlin Turret Upgrade
  • Added Base Selection: (This will be used for the base upgrades)
  • Increased Starting Points to 200
  • Bug Fixes on Server Side

v0.20 (20/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Leave confirmation
  • Decreased Cooldowns for both units
  • Added new Upgrades
  • You can no longer build in the area below your base when it gets smaller
  • Tanks do a lot more Damage to bases
  • Fixed Blurry Icons
  • Anti-Tank Gun now targets tanks first

v0.19 (19/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Rotation for Power Plant
  • You can also use right click to deselect any selected or active unit
  • Added 2 new Upgrades to Sniper Tower
  • Fixed Lag Spike Issues

v0.18 (19/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Upgrade bug where it wouldnt work
  • Added new Upgrades
  • Bug Fix For Leaderboard
  • Spawn Bug Fix

v0.17 (19/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Upgrade System (More Coming Soon)
  • Increased spawn protection
  • Further Balancing
  • Updated Hover logic
  • Increased Limits for Some Towers
  • Escape Key now Deselects: Active or Selected units
  • You can now press C to return the camera to your base

v0.16 (19/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Increased spawn protection
  • Further Balancing

v0.15 (18/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Re-balancing of several towers
  • Removed cooldowns from Towers
  • Renamed Factory to Barracks
  • You can now click on any placed tower to select it
  • You can sell any selected tower by pressing delete or the sell button (Get 1/2 of buy price back)

v0.14 (18/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Wall Back (They are on outside now)
  • Added Limits to certain towers
  • Added Cooldowns to all Towers and Units
  • Generators now generate more points
  • You can now select units with number keys 1-0
  • Several Bug Fixes

v0.13 (17/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • You now spawn with 150 Points
  • Several Bug Fixes
  • Optimizations on server side
  • Buffed Generators
  • Buffed Tank HP
  • Your base is now larger to begin with
  • Added Factory that generates Soldiers
  • Removed Wall

v0.12 (17/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Increased spawn Protection to 2 minutes
  • Added time based path logic (Fixes false unit positioning)
  • Balancing
  • Towers no longer spawn in reload state
  • Bug Fixes

v0.11 (17/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Units can now collide with eachother
  • Buffed Wall HP
  • Added Spawn Protection
  • You now get Points for killing units
  • Reduced Cost of Soldiers to 5
  • Added Favicon
  • Increased Tank Cost
  • Fixed Server Crash Issues
  • No name is now shown as unknown
  • Fixed HTML injection on leaderboard
  • Optimizations on Server Side

v0.1 (16/11/2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Initial Beta Release (Some Bugs are Expected)

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